Ki’s impeccable skills indicate her advanced understanding of yoga, anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics. — Scotty Esquibel, Fitness Director, Cooper Aerobics Center

Ki is an intuitive, compassionate and spiritual personal coach. I am so fortunate to have her in my life. The changes I have made because of my work with her have been dramatic and positively life changing. — Barbara Sudweeks, Carnegie Hall Performer, Dallas Symphony Orchestra Associate Principal Violist

Ki is a gifted instructor and caring leader with a real passion for inspiring people to a higher level. — Paul Schoenberg, Premier Athletic Club Manager

Ki’s personal instruction was especially helpful to think of meditation as something that is not mysterious, but as simple as sitting still and quieting the mind.  I left her class feeling that I didn’t really need to read any more about meditation but just to practice daily.  That is a good feeling.  — Sheila Ortega, Tom Landry Fitness Center Student

Ki’s expertise allows her to flow easily from one style of yoga to another. Ki assisted us in creating new company policy in our yoga studio minimizing any potential injuries and liability. Our Yoga Department has grown exponentially since she arrived. — Terri Arends, Fitness Director, Premier Athletic Club

Due to my work with Ki, I have made remarkable improvements in my health and my triglycerides were down 20%. — Jim Spillman, City of Garland Engineer

Thanks to Ki’s yoga classes, I have developed spiritually, emotionally, phsically and mentally. Everyone should practice it. — Miranda Martinez, Actress

Ki’s class is fabulous ~ her attention to bio-mechanics, posture & breathing provide an intense workout. — Lisa Kintzter, Telos Performance Center Student

Yoga has helped me the most in dealing with a recent injury to my calcaneous (footbone). Numerous times since my injury, I have supported my entire weight on one leg. Knowing certain yoga balancing postures has assisted me dramatically in my recovery. I will proudly state that yoga plays a definite role in one’s convalescence! — Mark Carssow, Yoga Student

Ki has been a wonderful guide for our entire family.  She worked with my wife and me, using a multifaceted approach including yoga, reiki and discussion. Her approach strengthened us individually and enriched our marriage. Ki was able to establish a great relationship with our boys, serving as a spiritual guide for them and giving us tools to help us through the difficult teenage years. We all think of “seeing Ki” again when the need for guidance arises in any of our lives. Ki is truly a gentle spiritual teacher with a gift for awakening the best in each person with whom she works. — Steve Weger, Principal Trumpet, Fort Worth OrchestraNancy Weger, Violinist, Fort Worth Orchestra

I was surprised at how relaxed I could be during a power yoga class. I attribute that to the instructor’s technique and her soothing speech patterns. She doesn’t lead you too swiftly in and out of poses or leave you too long. It’s just right! Anyone can do Ki’s class. — Misty Bailey, Dallas Morning News

Ki displays exemplary skills as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Strength Trainer, maintaining high levels of class attendance on a regular basis for the past three years. — Kelli Reid, Fitness Director, Baylor, Tom Landry Fitness Center

Ki is the answer to a prayer for me. I had been promising myself I would get back to my yoga practice for over 10-years, looking for the right time and opportunity. Ki “called out” to me and I’m so thankful. — Stacy Richie Shepherd, The Yoga Factory, Yoga Studio Owner 

I got results with Ki Steelman on the very first visit. I was truly amazed at the way I changed my eating habits and how I stopped thinking about food all the time. I lost 14 pounds from the hypnosis treatment. I’m now in control of food instead of food controlling me. I used to be an emotional eater, but now I eat healthier now than ever before without even thinking about it! — Linda Felix, Frito Lay

Ki’s knowledge and expertise in diet and nutrition is an added plus. Not only do I get the opportunity of work out, but I also get reasoned, practical advice on how to attain my personal training goals through diet and nutrition. — Megan Capshaw, DISD

Your classes have been so inspirational and I have been in your different classes for at least a year. I have become more knowledgable about safety and fitness, listening to your body, and knowing when to add to the routine. You address all levels of fitness and never make anyone feel inadequate. At the same time you challenge us to do our best.  I wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, we will all probably need therapy for our “abandonment” issues when you leave…!!! We wish you the very best and will probably see you again.  You are the best! — Carolyn Sides, Sun City Resident & HOA Board Member

I had never participated in yoga before and found it helped with strength, flexibility and balance.  I very much appreciated learning to do poses correctly and Ki was very much aware of each person in class doing them properly. Her awareness of the senior population’s abilities and limitations was very reassuring to me. Ki’s adaptations for the individual was very encouraging.  I noticed I was able to cover more court, stronger shots and feel more balanced on the tennis court.   I will miss you, the class members, and all of the humor.   Thank you so very much. — Cindy, Sun City Resident

I have definitely expanded my knowledge of yoga and/or strength training since taking classes with Ki Browning. I liked how all levels are addressed and one is not pushed into something that could be harmful to the body-as has happened in another teacher’s class. Ki, your calming style adds tranquility to our lives. Wishing you the best! — Karen, Sun City Resident

Yoga with you has been such a blessing to me.  I left your classes calm, energized, stronger and more peaceful.  Yoga is a great partner with my vegan lifestyle, both bringing me physical and spiritual health.  As I practice yoga at home I can hear your voice and follow your instructions, and for this I am very grateful. — Kathy Cooke, Sun City Resident

Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga classes.  You are one of the best teachers I have had over the 15 years I have taken yoga.  You have helped me to learn how to push this 71 year old body to keep it moving.  — Marilyn Gaulden, Sun City Resident

My first experience with yoga was with Ki….she made me a “believer” in this wonderful practice.  I would not have continued if it was not for her great instruction. — Pat Flynt, Sun City Resident

Ki, we miss you, we love you, and wish you all the very best in your upcoming endeavors.  You are the best yoga teacher I have worked with in my 40 years of practicing and attending classes.  Thank you so much for the encouragement that you gave to my Granddaughter.  We hope our paths cross with yours again very soon. Much love and many blessings.  — Trudy and Celeste, Sun City Resident (grandmother & grand daughter)