Meditation Instruction

Nothing to do, just sit and intentionally breathe for a few minutes each day.  It’s Free!  Imagine, something so simple, yet so few do it.  You don’t need an education or religious understanding; you don’t need insurance, an attorney or a stockbroker to make your life easier or more manageable.  Just sit back & become aware of the quality of your breath – at any moment of any day.  You could start right now while reading this article.  Notice the quality of your breath now.


Meditation benefits us in body, mind & spirit. Taking just 5-10 minutes a day can radically change your physiology over the course of a few months and certainly years.  The heart rate slows, the biochemicals balance and the endocrine system naturally improves increasing the body’s autonomic immune system.

Many even experience a natural face-lift as an additional benefit of deep relaxation.

Imagine being less irritated or having less anxiety just because you sat in a chair & consciously breathed for five minutes in the morning.  Meditation calms the mind but initially you might notice that you don’t have a peaceful mind at all. In fact, many people won’t sit a second time because the scatter-chatter is so unsettling.  The mind’s relentless commentary on daily activities generates stress, fatigue and even insomnia.  And, all of that can lead to weight gain and disease.  Meditation slows down the internal dialogue so that you can disseminate the data, discard the fear and gain clarity of insight.

Spiritually, meditation takes us to higher realms mostly because we become dispassionate toward the outside world.  Even your thoughts are of the outside world.  Meditation connects you with your Higher Self and God.  This Pure Conscious Awareness can guide you in unimaginable ways allowing synchronicity to occur in countless opportunities.  Regardless of your religion, you can sit in a chair and call upon your Personal Prophet to guide you on your personal path.


Find a chair in your home.  You can sit on the floor, but you don’t want your spine, hips or knees to ache. If you lie down to meditate, you will most likely fall asleep (especially in the beginning).  It’s best to keep the spine upright with the crown of the head over the tailbone.  So, sit in a comfortable chair but not a recliner.  Understand in advance that various thoughts, feelings, and sensations will arise while being mindful and you may lose concentration periodically.

Sit at the same time every day.  Most people like meditating first thing in the morning because the peaceful memory of meditating is easily accessed all day long.  Some caregivers who need to get everyone fed and kids to school might find 10am or noon to work just as well.  If you have insomnia, definitely meditate just before bedtime.  Position the chair near the bed so that you’re not stirring much before going to sleep.  In this situation, you could use the techniques while lying down in bed since the intention is to sleep better.

Locate a cell phone with a stop-watch on it and a pad of paper.  Sit down and write your to-do list.  Whatever you think you might forget while meditating, write that down ~ groceries, chores, favorite stocks to purchase.  Purge your mind.  Set your cell phone or alarm clock to gently chime in 5 or 15-minutes (choose a soft ring tone to bring you back), and close your eyes.  Notice the quality of your breath.  Relax your shoulders and just pay attention to yourself for a few minutes.  You deserve it!