Regression & Progression Therapy

Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression hypnotherapy techniques are very useful for those with PTSD or other anxiety disorders experienced from trauma in this lifetime.  You don’t have to go back into another lifetime for a breakthrough healing.   The use of hypnotherapy techniques can assist you in resolving trauma in this lifetime, whether it be from in vitro, childhood, early adulthood or yesterday.  Returning to the scene of the stress, with a trained facilitator, can frequently resolve the stress for good.  Healing Mommy/Daddy issues and the wounded child can liberate the adult in you for the remainder of your life.  It’s never too late to get to the juicy part of life and start having fun!

Did you have these problems as a child?  Were you just born that way?  That, to me, is a sure sign “it” originated in another lifetime.  Do you have you a recurring conflict or addiction? Life is continuous and learning how you contributed to your current state of affairs can be liberating.  Now is the time to be done with that conflict or that disruptive person or that addictive behavior.

Past Life Recall Hypnotherapy

I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute and Harvard Graduate Peter Woodbury, MSW, of the Edgar Cayce Center learning special techniques on Past Life Recall and Progression Hypnotherapy. These techniques quickly ease symptoms that some clients have been dealing with for years.  A Past Life Recall (PLR) can help you identify how/what/when from another time and how/what/when that is impacting you today.  When did the issue really start and more importantly how can you resolve it now?

Quantum Physicist Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Thoughts that are fired, get hard wired.”  You may just be circling around a traumatic event without resolving anything. Stop spinning your wheels.  You’ve got the power to get the life you’ve always wanted.  Sometimes that means walking through some messy emotions but once you open your eyes (including your Third Eye), see what’s back there, what’s frightening you, what’s controlling you, it’s much easier to resolve it.  Together we can walk into the recesses of your subconscious mind and resolve that pain.

Life Between Life Shamanic Journeys

LBL or Life Between Life Shamanic Journeys take you to the place where your Soul decided the demographics of your current situation.  Your location, your parents, your skin color, your gender & orientation ~ all of that was decided by a higher consciousness, way beyond your ego & brain.  You are a member of the Universe and it is conspiring to give you what you want.  LBL allows you to reconnect with your Highest Council and obtain the mission or be reminded of what your mission is.  Many of my clients have a deep spiritual experience of their Savior, Angels and Ancestors.  It can be so healing and soothing to feel the power and the presence of the Lord.  I don’t determine who visits you during a session; that is decided by God.  I am a spiritual facilitator opening the door to health and healing.  If you’re ready for a transformational experience, then a PLR or an LBL may just be the next tool for you. Call me now.  512-876-0071.