Life Coaching

headshot_12_13Ki Browning has spent many years researching unique ways to cultivate a purposeful, productive and peaceful life.  She brings the wisdom she has gathered internationally to help her Life Coaching Clients reach their full potential.  Whether in a career move or just needing guidance in conflict resolution, Ki’s business knowledge can assist you in creating a harmonious & productive work environment.  She has been in the health & wellness industry for over 20-years creating wellness programs for corporations, schools, retirement communities and individuals.

Ki brings world-class wellness knowledge through the many disciplines she has studied & taught for more than 20-years.  She is an Honors Graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Psychology and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.  As a Success Coach, Ki works with Carnegie Hall Performers of the DFW Symphonies, Business Executives and top recreational athletes for performance enhancement. She coaches many students whether healthy, injured or after surgery ages ranging from 7-97.

Ki’s intention is to assist Clients in mastering the mind-body connection & developing focus toward personal and professional accomplishments.  She encourages complete wholeness educating on personal responsibility, improving self-esteem, setting reachable goals and refining stress management skills.

Additionally, Ki is a Certified Strength Trainer, BioMechanics Specialist, Fitness Over Fifty Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Nutrition Educator and Meditation Instructor.  She trained with Dr. Cooper at the Aerobics Center, Tom Landry Fitness Center & Telos Performance Center in Dallas.

Ki with Manju Jois

Ki traveled extensively around the world visiting over 30 countries studying yoga & meditation.  She took the rare six-month sabbatical, traveling throughout India studying with some of the oldest

living yogis in the world in yoga studios, Ashrams, sacred sites & caves. While on that very personal intensive pilgrimage, she spent many weeks in the Himalayan Mountains visiting several remote and sacred sites.  She completed Vippassana, a 10-Day silent meditation retreat in the jungles of Thailand, and taught yoga on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Additionally, Ki trained in America with many internationally recognized yoga masters, Manju Jois of the Astanga Yoga Institute, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Bryan Kest and Rodney Yee.

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