Yoga Instruction

Bird of ParadiseI find yoga is a superior form of exercise. It’s convenient, easy and has little impact on the joints. With a simple sun salutation you can exercise as a beginner or like an athlete depending on your pace.  Yoga goes hand-in-hand with all fitness activities like golf, tennis and marathons.

You can achieve strength, flexibility and balance through intensive yoga practice. If you are currently suffering from an injury, disease, trauma, shock, abuse, or stress whether from an accident or otherwise you can benefit greatly from yoga. It is non-competitive, energetic and focused. You will learn to generate your own Chi or Life Force from the yogic postures learned with Ki. She will teach you to focus on what is really occurring within you and give you the necessary direction to balance your inner and outer world.

In the beginning we need a motivator to teach and encourage but eventually the habit of health is established. You need a teacher to hold your hand initially but not forever.

As you begin to achieve your goals, your program will change.  Ki designs a routine to blend with your progress.  Ki teaches new postures and establishes healthy eating patterns that serve your highest goals. To establish new eating patterns, hypnosis has proven results.  Read more about hypnosis here.

Ki began her fitness interests in high school cheerleading and enjoyed the aerobics rage which Jane Fonda spear-headed in the 80s.  In 1990, Ki kicked a 10-year pack-a-day cigarette habit and increased her workouts to 2-hours per day for 6 days per week for 2 years straight solidifying her commitment to health & wellness.

Ki enjoyed studying various types of yoga methods in Los Angeles, Southeast Asia, India and Australia. Eventually, she began teaching yoga on the Gold Coast, Australia. Ki found many forms of yoga to only provide flexibility. With Power Yoga, you build strength, flexibility, balance, and increase your cardiovascular conditioning. It’s a superior form of intense exercise for those who really only have 3-4 hours per week for fitness training (not recommended for Seniors).

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