Spiritual Training

Ki is an accomplished Board Certified Hypnotherapist facilitating hundreds of theraputic sessions since the 90s with a variety of healing techniques. Regression and Progression Hypnotherapy help identify your karmic arc to heal today.  Past Life Regressions allow the client to venture backward in time to identify the origination of an illness, disease or recurring injury.  One client had a difficult time conceiving even though biologically and metabolically she was healthy.  After one past life regression wherein she identified being buried while pregnant, she was able to conceive within 3 months.  Regression Therapy is very effective for those with PTSD or other trauma in the past (in this life, in vitro and before this life).

Life Between Life Journeys allows the client to move to the state of consciousness wherein decisions are made prior to birth for soul development and spiritual mission.  Knowing your divine life purpose can create a deep sense of peace and intention.  Reconnecting with your Highest Council can realign your trajectory for successful completion of your life purpose.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you’re not wasting your time?

Knowing your personal karmic arc can alleviate tension and provide a new level of personal responsibility.  Where were you before you were born in this incarnation and what did you do that impacted your current life?  Where will you go next?  These major life questions can be resolved in just a few healing therapeutic sessions.

Ki first began using self-hypnosis to stop smoking cigarettes and start an exercise program in the 90s.  Due to her personal success, she continued studying hypnotherapy and past life regressions as therapeutic tools to transformation.  She studied numerous healing disciplines and received additional certifications in Theta Healing, Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy.   Ki trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, the premier psychiatrist in Regression Therapy, and Harvard Graduate Peter Woodbury, MSW of the Edgar Cayce Center.  Ki is a Life Member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment and Yogananda Paramahansa’s Self Realization Fellowship.  Ki has used these time-tested techniques to help 100s of people over the past twenty years.

During the April 2017 Near Death Experience (NDE) Symposium, Ki will be teaching on Life Between Lives Journeys (LBL) which can be very helpful in finding one’s personal power and life purpose.  If you believe your Soul is eternal, that you came from God or Heaven and will return at the successful completion of this life, then an LBL is quite likely the next step for you.  Ki also studied the work of Dr. Michael Newton, the foremost psychiatrist in the LBL field, and facilitates these unique Shamanic Jouneys to guide clients in finding their direction in life, moving away from time-wasting distractions.  When the client is ready to explore the limitless boundaries of their mind and soul, according to their spiritual maturity, then more guidance and understanding is offered through a Journey.  Guided meditations to meeting your Highest Council can offer the next step on your spiritual evolution.  Now is the time to transform your karma into your dharma!